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The current proposal for workshops is:

Affordable housing/social infrastructure as a genuine instrument to ease student mobility

Input speakers:

  • ​n.n. Centre National des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires, Paris, France
  • Dr. Petra Nau, Head of Unit, Student Housing, Deutsches Studentenwerk, Berlin, Germany


International mobility of students highly depends on the social background of the family and their financial resources. As studies have shown (e.g. Eurostudent IV), the expected additional financial burden associated with a foreign enrolment period is one of the most critical obstacles dissuading students from studying abroad. Thus, the provision of affordable student accommodation is an essential part of the social infrastructure of higher education and an essential mean to increase international student mobility.

Different models exist across Europe to support student housing. In most Western-European countries with large student populations support of student housing is done through public financial support for student services associations such as the Studentenwerke in Germany, the CROUS in France or the regional organizations for the right to university study in Italy. Such publicly founded organizations can develop and operate student residence halls with affordable rents that specifically serve the student population, and seek to offer below-market rates for the students that need such housing most.

The workshop will give an insight into the system of the public funded student service organisations in France and Germany. What is their philosophy/mission and how do they operate? What are the main challenges nowadays and how do they strive to overcome them?

City - HEI collaboration - What are the benefits of collaborating with the city in terms of international student housing

Description coming soon.

Managing expectations of students: How to cater to what the students need and what they are looking for?

Description coming soon.

How to make the collaboration University - Student associations/representative - Housing provider work

One of the main struggles pointed out through the HousErasmus+ study visits is the lack of cooperation between Universities with housing providers and student associations. The main reasons behind being the lack of resources from the International Relation Office, the lack of time and the important amount of administrative paperwork that they have to deal with. With an increasing number of students going on mobility every year, the necessity to cooperate with external stakeholders has become a necessity for any University that wants to provide high-quality support services to their incoming and outgoing students.

This workshop will bring together representatives from housing providers, students and University to show some examples of good practices on how to collaborate better. In particular, Uniplaces has a a long-standing and successful collaboration with ESN Lisboa and the Universities in Lisbon to ensure that no student is left out and are offered the best student experience.

During this workshop, participants will have the chance to discuss with each other, share their own good practices or come up with new innovative ways of collaboration.


European support - How can the Erasmus+ programme tackle the challenge

The European Union's Erasmus+ programme offers scholarships to students to study or conduct an internship abroad during their study period. The scholarships constitute an important support for students but are usually not sufficient to cover all expenses while staying abroad.

In this interactive workshop, we will give you an overview of how the Erasmus+ programme tackles the housing issue. Participants will have the opportunity to build concrete recommendations on how the follow-up programme of Erasmus+ or other European initiatives could improve the housing situation for international students.

EU funding for the construction of student accommodation

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